Today Neato Robotics has unveiled a brand new series of robot vacuums with the D Series, with a new brush system to remove more dirt and pet hair.

Neato Robotics has today unveiled the next generation Neato Botvac with the company’s D Series, two new robotic vacuums which not only include the company’s intelligent laser navigation system and powerdful suction, but also offer style and an improved brush system for a wider variety of floor surfaces.

Sporting a sleek and modern black-and-white design to suite any swanky modern household, the Neato Botvac D Series includes a brand new “ingenious” brush system which navigates a much wider variety of floor surfaces as well as being much quieter on hard floors. The two models, the Botvac D75 and the Botvac D85 are priced at £399.99 and £449.99 respectively and are available to pre-order right now.

On the lower end of the two, the Botvac D75 is an all-rounder, perfect for cleaning all floor types. This model includes a standard filter and the newly designed spiral blade brush. In addition to the already powerful vacuum the D75 is perfect for hardwood floors.

The higher-end Botvac D85 is a powerhouse complete with a high performance filter and brushes designed for maximum hair pickup. Perfect for homes with hairy pets. In addition to the spiral blade brush that comes with the D75, the D85 comes with a combination brush to allow for much quieter vacuuming.

As with most Neato Botvac vacuums, the D Series also comes with Neato’s advanced SpinFlow Power Clean system, which combines powerful suction and precision brushes to remove pet hair and debris from all flooring types such as hardwood, tile, and carpet.

Both vacuums can be pre-ordered today from Appliances Direct.

D80D85 Angle shot -hi D75AngleLeft-hi

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