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More information has surfaced about the upcoming Need for Speed reboot, the latest talks about the game’s engine

Star Wars: Battlefront’s latest trailers, which have been made using the game engine, look absolutely spectacular and almost unbelievable. But that’s one of the things that has fans excited about the upcoming Star Wars shooter. Now however, petrol heads also have something to be excited about as Need for Speed, the upcoming reboot of the series from EA and Ghost Games, will also run on the same game engine.

I had a sneaking suspicion that the teaser trailer for Need for Speed might have used some sort of fancy game engine. Though it seemed quite realistic, there was something that just felt very “video game” about it. I was however right, as Johan Andersson, Frostbite engine technical director at DICE has confirmed that Need for Speed is running on the same version of the Frostbite Engine as Battlefront. He also added the previous teaser trailer in there for good measure.

What this means for the new Need for Speed is that it’ll look bloody brilliant and fairly realistic. Though pre-rendered trailers are great and all, I’d like to see the actual game in action first before I make any judgements.

The upcoming Need for Speed has very little information attached to it. We know that it’s a “full reboot” being build by Ghost Games, the developers behind Need for Speed: Rivals. The game is set to include all of the staple features of the series with “deep customisation” and “authentic urban car culture,” EA have even enlisted the help of their own real-world car culture group, Speedhunters, to hopefully inject some realism into the game.

It’s set to include an open world, and an “immersive narrative” which EA says will pull you through the game. It’s expected to land on current-gen consoles only and PC later this year. EA has also noted that AllDrive will be making a return, and unlike Need for Speed: Rivals, players won’t be cops.

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