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You’ll need an Internet connection if you want to play the new Need for Speed

I thought we’d been past this? The idea of an “always-on” Internet connection just isn’t viable for everyone right now, but apparently EA and Ghost Games just won’t take no for an answer. In a recent tweet to fan questions, the Need for Speed Twitter account has revealed that the reboot will require an online connection.

We’ve already had this fuss with Microsoft and their always-on idea for the Xbox One. The backlash that ensued caused the company to do a massive 180 and allow the Xbox One to be used offline too. Though we know EA are a law unto themselves so it comes as no surprise that they’re opting to exclude some people with this always-on malarky.

The Official Need for Speed Twitter account announced the dismal news this morning revealing that “nice” benefits will come from having the game always online.

As you can imagine, the backlash to these tweets isn’t pleasant with many echoing the same concerns. Will Need for Speed end up like The Crew? We all know how well that ambitious plan turned out. Fortunately it seems the game won’t be multiplayer only as in a later tweet the Need for Speed account said that a Single Player mode was coming to the game too:

There is however no clarification on the “always connected” comment, which leads us to believe that there may be some sort of online verification/syncing required for both the single and multiplayer modes.

The official gameplay reveal is expected on June 15 during EA’s E3 briefing. The game is officially due out this fall, but a recent leak on Microsoft’s own product page has revealed a November release date.

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