EA has released a new teaser image for Need for Speed which hints some sort of involvement of Speedhunters

In a new image for EA’s upcoming Need for Speed has been released and while it doesn’t reveal a hell of a lot, it does tease the return of a familiar group. Speedhunters.

The image, which has been shared on Need for Speed’s social channels reveals a flashy green car with the words “Speedhunters” on the wheel with the caption: “Are you ready for the next chapter?” For those who don’t know, Speedhunters is the name of EA’s own car culture community which suggests that they’ll have some involvement in the new title.

The car in the image appears to be the same one in the first teaser released earlier this week which caused many to speculate that a new Need for Speed Underground title is on the horizon. We’ll know for sure however, tomorrow.



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