For the first time since 2011, Nintendo has finally entered the black, are Amiibo to thank?

Ever since the launch of the Wii U, Nintendo have struggled to turn a profit year after year. With many seeing no hope for Nintendo in the future, the launch of a brand new handheld console as well as the introduction of the insanely popular NFC figures, Amiibo, Nintendo has finally turned a profit and is in the black.

In short, the Japanese company revealed net sales of $4.61 billion (5.49 billion yen) and an operating profit of $207.83 million for the fiscal year that ended March 31, 2015. This means that for the first time in around four years, Nintendo has posted a profit. Elsewhere Nintendo revealed that the Nintendo 3DS family reached a total of 8.73 million units during that time period, putting lifetime sales of Nintendo’s handheld family at 52.06 million units. Nintendo also revealed positive sales figures for its latest titles including the two Pokemon games, and Super Smash Bros. for 3DS.

As for the Wii U, Nintendo’s home console continues to miss expected targets selling just 3.38 million units in the past year. In total software for the console hit 24.40 million units during that period highlighting two titles which did impressively well during the fiscal year, Mario Kart 8 which sold 5.11 million units, and Super Smash Bros for Wii U which sold 3.65 million units.

The real eye opener for Nintendo is the sales figures for Amiibo, their range of impossibly difficult to obtain NFC figures. Nintendo revealed that from the start of this year alone a total of 4.8 million units have been shipped, with the toy line’s lifetime total hitting the 10.5 million mark.

“It is safe to say that we achieved very strong growth even in the period immediately after the year-end sales season was over,” said Nintendo President Satoru Iwata. “Our assessment is that people purchase additional amiibo figures without any seasonal bias, as they are relatively more affordable than video game titles.”

With Amiibo hitting shelves at around the £10/$15 mark that estimates around £105 million on Amiibo alone, give or take a few quid.

Recently Nintendo apologised to fans over the way they’ve handled Amiibo shipments. Every so often Nintendo announces new waves of Amiibo and while they launch on time, stock is very, very limited, especially in the United States, which means those who want Amiibo are often rushing pre-orders on the day of launch. The latest wave of Amiibo apparently crashed GameStop’s website. Fortunately Nintendo promise to do better and plan on re-releasing more Amiibo in the coming months.

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