Try your hand at a new Mario rollercoaster and more at a Universal theme park near you..

The glorious, bright, and colourful world of Nintendo is making its way into the real world via Universal theme parks the Japanese company has announced. Nintendo has revealed plans to create “spectacular, dedicated experiences” at Universal parks worldwide based on characters and worlds of its games.

The announcement comes as part of its annual earnings report, and Nintendo’s announcement last year where they revealed that they’d be more open to licencing its characters to third-party companies, something it has been very keen to avoid in the past.

Unfortunately dates as to when we’ll be seeing Mario and Zelda-themed attractions are yet to be determined, this also includes details of what attractions will be unveiled. All the company had to say about the situation was that it’ll involve its “most famous characters and games.”


Could a Mario Kart-themed rollercoaster be on the cards?

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