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Jailbreaking tools have become less and less frequent over the last several years. Apple has been focused on patching the exploits and it looks as though they’re going one step further.

An Apple source told 9to5mac about the technology, called ‘Rootless’. It prevents even administrative-level users from accessing protected files on Apple devices. The addition has left the company “particularly enthusiastic” as they aim to fully crackdown on the hacking community. It will be installed on iOS and OS X, the next version of the two platforms likely to be announced at WWDC next month, so we could see Rootless then. According to the report, you will be able to disable it on OS X but not iOS.

Jailbreaking really has slowed down recently for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that Apple has been adding features, which used to be available through jailbreaking only. One example is SBSettings, which was a very popular tweak but Apple completely killed off the need for it when they announced Control Center in iOS 7.

The second reason is how diligent they have been in patching exploits. There have even been occasions in the past where the company has released software updates just to cut off a current jailbreaks. So it has become more difficult for developers to keep finding those exploits and it seems as though it is only going to get harder with Rootless. It might be the key factor, which allows Apple to have the sustained upper hand in this game of cat and mouse.

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