Bizarre cover-based shooter Not a Hero has been delayed.. Bugger it.

Devolver Digital and Roll7 have today revealed that their upcoming politically driven cover-based shooter Not a Hero will now be launching on May 14. The reason for the delay is because it’s getting some super secret upgrades to “crank shit up” to 60 frames per second..

This seven day delay will now see the game launching on May 14 on Steam, GOG, and Humble. This additional time will be used to tweak and test the most recent update to the game, bringing it from 30 frames per second, to 60. Blimey. I guess they’re making sure you fidelity nuts are happy, eh?

If you’re not sure what this eye-licking 60 frames per second will look like the developers have released this lovely little gif for your viewing pleasure.


“Throughout the rigorous beta testing phase of Not A Hero, the most consistent feedback was to increase the frame rate to 59 frames per second,” said Simon Bennett, producer at Roll7. “Well, we went a step further and took Not A Hero up to 60 frames per second. You’re welcome.”

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