OnePlus Teaser

OnePlus is looking to announce something new next week, most likely the OnePlus 2

OnePlus have been readying their next smartphone for some time now and over the course of the past few months rumours have been flying around to suggest that the OnePlus 2 as it’ll be called will be pretty powerful, will likely be a little more expensive than the OnePlus One, and could be accompanied by another device. On June 1 however, we’ll finally know for sure what OnePlus plan on doing next.

In a teaser image uploaded to the OnePlus Google+ page, OnePlus could be readying their next smartphone as the image depicts the OnePlus One being erased with the tagline “Time To Change”. What that means exactly is currently under wraps. Could OnePlus be opting to release a powerful phone with a high price? Could it be a larger device? Could it be the rumoured two devices? We’ll know for sure on June 1.

Along with the teaser OnePlus wrote:

“We’re always looking for ways to shake up the tech industry. And we think it’s time for a change. Find out more June 1.”

The only thing OnePlus has really confirmed about the new device is that it will once again be sold through an invite-only system, but has revealed that it won’t be as long-lived as the invite system for the OnePlus One.

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