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It’s the golden rule of journalism, isn’t it? Never be biased and stay neutral. Neutral like the Romulans did in the Dominion War right?

As long as an opinion is based on fact, it should be okay. Just because you don’t always agree with something doesn’t make it wrong. All the time.

Let’s look at the British newspaper industry during the build-up to the General Election. The Sun (a paper mostly thought to be for the working class) is supporting the Conservative Party. The I newspaper has slammed the Conservative Party. Each paper in the UK has taken a different stance on how it views each political party. As long as there is a whole range of views being represented, it’s OK. It’d be wrong if all the National Newspapers supported The Labour party for example. As long as there is a choice on offer for all different views, this can be fine.

Apply this idea to geek journalism including gaming and comic journalism. This is how it goes. It’s OK for some sites to be pro new gaming generation and others to be against it – as long as there is no influence from advertising or sponsors or an agenda to create prejudice or hatred.

The red line, folks. If your views are influenced by that of a sponsor or ad revenue, that’s wrong. If you’re trying to promote hatred and prejudice of minority, you’re in the wrong. If you hate a character being gay, just because he or she is gay, and you’re telling everyone how angry they should be… Wrong. If you think that character being gay is somehow a part of a stunt event or is not the progressive move forward it should be, that’s a different matter, and worthy of discussion.

If you’re more partial to Marvel comics over DC, OK, that’s cool. Make it clear, and don’t try and manipulate people to your view. For the sake of fairness, maybe you could even examine why DC can be cool.

Be your own censor. You don’t have to read or view anything you don’t want to on the internet. There are millions of geek sites out there – pick the one that suits you. Don’t spend all your time getting angry at someone because they didn’t enjoy The Amazing Spider-man as much as you did.

See past the ads and agendas. Vote with your mouse. You can complain, but do it against those who want to spread hate throughout the geek community.

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