The Emoji fad is taking over, with Dominos hopping on board to allow customers to order pizza via Twitter.

On May 20, tweeting the pizza emoji ? to Dominos will allow frequent customers to order their usual in one simple tweet, making them the first major company to utilise a Tweet-to-order system. Non-frequent customers can also order through Twitter, with a slightly longer process.

Yes, it’s US only, but imagine if this takes off. The exchange of ordering pizza can be shrunk to a mere 5 seconds – Pizza emoji, tweet, done. It’ll leave so much time for activities! From a PR standpoint, this is pretty genius too. Plenty of social media buzz that incorporates the emojis that all the hip young ‘uns are using. I don’t even use emojis, but if I can get pizza with them I can guarantee I’ll start.

Full discolure (because I’m sure people are going to ask), this isn’t sponsored. I just think it’s really cool, and if you like pizza you probably should too! Think of how lazy we can be while ordering deliciousness! What do you think of this? Hit us up @n3rdabl3 on Twitter with a pizza emoji or your thoughts.


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