PacMan’s level 256 kill-screen becomes more than just a glitch in a new reboot by developer Hipster Whale

PacMan’s famous level 256 glitch, which is considered to be one of the most famous glitches in video gaming history, is set to become an official character in a new reboot of the classic game. PacMan 256 is developed by Hipster Whale, the developers that famously created Crossy Road, the mobile game based off classic arcade game, Frogger.  The game will be an official reboot and is developed in collaboration with Bandai-Namco, as a celebration of PacMan’s 35th birthday.  PacMan 256 will take a slightly newer form, with updated graphics and controls that move away from 80s arcade, and into the current mobile platform.

The new trailer reveals gameplay footage and information on the reboot of one of the most famous games of all time. The trailer mostly focusses on the level 256 glitch, known in arcade circles as the kill-screen, which is making a return after more than 30 years as a “menacing supervillain”. The glitch, for those who haven’t heard of or experienced it, is a famous bug that ended gaming marathons throughout the 80s. Upon reaching level 256, an integer overflow caused the right side of the play screen to be replaced with corrupted text and numbers, which rendered it unbeatable.  Understandably, this was a terrible thing for PacMan marathon players, who’d invested many hours getting to level 256, as the game was essentially impossible to complete.

The game will be free-to-play and is expected to be released on smartphones and tablets a bit later in the year.

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