Those who pre-ordered Hatred won’t be getting the game 3 days earlier, as promised.

Earlier this week, Destructive Creations creative director Jarosław Zieliński said in a press release that people who pre-ordered Hatred would be able to pre-load it and play it as early as May 29th, three days before official release. In the press release they said:

“We have a big surprise for everyone who trusted us and decided to pre-order the game. You will not only be able to download the game from Steam on May 29th but most importantly to actually play it! This means three days before the official release! And we hope you’ll enjoy it massively!”

But in an email to customers, they’ve had to go back on their word due to it being “technically impossible” for them to make Hatred available earlier for people who made pre-orders. They went on to say, “We screwed this thing up, because we didn’t check if it is possible before sending the official announcement.”

But the devs have said they will make it up to those who pre-ordered and helped clarify it has nothing to do with problems within the game itself.

“We promise to reward you this disappointment in the future – we still have your e-mails in our database. We are really sorry for giving you false hopes, we wanted to make you feel good, but as usual: shit happens.”

It must be disappointing for those who pre-ordered to suddenly be told they can’t play the game so close to when they intended, but in fairness, three days isn’t that long to wait to mindlessly slaughter innocents and law enforcement. Go play Postal or something in the meantime, it’s a similar game with similar controversy except it’s almost 20 years in the past now.

Hatred unleashes on the masses June 1st.

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