Ex-Irrational Games developers are hoping you’ll help fund their blind first person horror title, Perception.

We’ve all probably had those dreams where you’re struggling to see and the world around you just seems bizarre and unrecognisable. Well The Deep End, a new studio comprised of ex-Irrational Games developers hopes to make those nightmares a reality with Perception, a new game that’s landed on Kickstarter and is seeking funding for this psychological horror.

Perception is a first-person narrative driven horror adventure game which tells the story of a young blind girl named Cassie. But before you think that you’ll be playing a game with no visuals at all, the game does have visuals thanks to Cassie’s extraordinary hearing, but as you might expect you can “see” only when there’s sound. Players will guide Cassie through the game using echolocation with every sound creating a visual.

In Perception Cassie must figure out the mystery of the Estate at Echo Bluff which is haunted by The Presence, a mysterious enemy hoping to claim Cassie as one of her victims. Cassie doesn’t have any weapons in her arsenal either, just her wit, her cane, and her smartphone meaning players will have to think smart as the estate changes around them at the end of each puzzle.

The Perception Kickstarter is looking for $150,000 to put the game into development with the game expecting to launch initially on PC. Stretch goals will eventually bring the game to Mac, Linux, and PlayStation 4. It’s expected to launch in June 2016.

The game looks genuinely terrifying. I’m really excited for this one.



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