Twitter’s own live-streaming app, Periscope, has finally landed on Android

Periscope has finally made its Android debut. This comes just a few weeks after another live-streaming app and Periscope competitor, Meerkat, landed on Google’s operating system.

Two months ago to this very day, Periscope launched on iOS and now it’s making its Android debut. The app, like its iOS counterpart, lets you watch and record broadcasts from your smartphone or tablet. Periscope, received a pretty big following during its iOS launch, reaching one million users in just 10 days, and overall the app has proven a hit with celebrities and the media. It’s also finding itself used in acts of citizen journalism and a way for others to view pay-per-view content, without paying per view.

The app retains almost all of the functionality of the iOS version showing you people you follow and their broadcasts as well as showing you streams from people you don’t yet follow all around the world. You can also discover people by popularity, but there seems to be a bit of a flaw where some users have managed to obtain millions of “hearts” by doing sweet bugger all.

One of the main differences between the iOS and Android versions is the way you broadcast. On iOS you can access this via the central tab; on Android you’ve got a massive red button on broadcast screens in accordance with Google’s Material Design guidelines, so it’s nice to see that Periscope has stepped up the Material Design nature of the app at launch, rather than hoping to support it later down the line. Notifications are a little better, and you can also switch between apps while watching a broadcast, then return to the screens via a notification banner in the drawer.

You can grab Periscope from Google Play and is compatible with phones running Android 4.4 and above.


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