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SEGA has revealed that their upcoming title, Personal 5, will be launching in Q5 both in Japan and North America

During SEGA’s recent financial report, the company hinted that the release of Persona 5 will happen in the fourth quarter of 2015 and will release around the same time in both Japan and the US. The release date wasn’t confirmed outright, but PersonaCentral went through the report with a fine toothed comb and put two and two together.

In the report, there were comments relating to the number of “packaged games” releasing in each quarter and the financial year overall, from that it has been assumed that Persona 5 will be launching later this year.

SEGA also revealed that the Persona series overall had sold over 6 million copies worldwide with about half of those sales landing outside of Japan, so it comes as no surprise that SEGA are putting the release of Persona 5 in the US so close to the Japanese release.

Persona 5 is set to continue the story focusing on the protagonist after he’s transferred to Shujin High School in Tokyo. The protagonist meets with two other students and the shape-shifting cat, but all isn’t well as he feels suppressed by his environment and moonlights as a burglar named “The Phantom,” working with friends to carry out heists and experiencing weird phenomena along the way.

Japan is weird..

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