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Rumours are here once again in time for the Steam Summer Sale which is apparently going to begin on June 11

In June there are usually two big gaming events, the first is E3 which tells us in advance what we’ll need to prepare our wallets for in the years ahead. The second is the Steam Summer Sale which surprises us each year with games we didn’t think we needed, but we’ll go ahead and purchase anyway. And it looks like it’ll be happening soon, on June 11 to be precise.

IGN Russia is reporting that Valve’s official VKontakte page (think Facebook, but popular in Russia) has revealed that the Steam Summer Sale is coming on June 11 and will run until June 20. Following this two days of encore sales will take place offering the best of the best sales once again. By the power of Google Translate and the efforts of Destructiod, here’s what the post reads:

“Steam Sale starts June 11 at 20:00 Moscow time.

June 20 will begin “Sale Encore,” which will involve all the companies that participated in the Summer Sale .

The very sale ends June 22 at 20:00 Moscow time.

The events and other details so far unknown.

Also we advise to read our guidance on sales, not to spend all the money in one day.”

At least they’re warning you not to go too crazy too quickly. As always though you’ll probably see very similar sales from last year, and as always we’ll be bringing you our top picks of the sale each day. Steam Sales usually begin at around 6pm UK time, so look out for that.

Now, I have a meeting with my bank manager to attend to.

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