At Google I/O yesterday the company unveiled Project Brillo, their OS for the Internet of Things.

For some time I’ve been a little confused about the term Internet of Things. I’ve never been 100 per cent sure what it actually means, but it seems to have something to do with the way your home uses the Internet to become smart. Whatever it means for sure, Google has unveiled Project Brillo, a new OS for the Internet of Things which they hope will bring the Android platform to all of your connected devices.

Project Brillo is the “underlying operating system for the Internet of Things,” according to Google who say that a developer preview will be coming in the third quarter of this year. It’ll bring an Android based platform “polished” for the IoT supporting WiFi, Bluetooth Low Energy, and other Android things. Brillo will also work in partnership with Weave, a cross platform common language that’ll enable Brillo devices, phones, and the Internet as a whole, communicate easier with one another.

The issue we have at the moment is that despite everything being connected, each action from adjusting the heating for when you arrive home, ensuring the house is lit up for when you arrive at home, and that your oven is ready to heat your dinner, is very singular. Brillo wants to be able to have one action domino throughout your connected home. So as you arrive home, your car tells your Nest to sort the heating out, then as you unlock your door with your smart lock, it tells your smart light bulbs to switch on.

Following Google’s acquisition of Nest and their smart devices for the home, Google has remained pretty quiet on the connected home and Internet of Things front. Brillo and Weave however hopes to make things simpler and will hopefully have consumers getting their homes and other things connected much easier and working in tandem with one another.

Project Brillo is Google’s Answer to the Internet of Things - n3rdabl3

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