The PT Demo, or Playable Teaser demo for Silent Hills was removed from the PSN last week, and now it’s no longer available to re-download..

Last week gamers went into mass panic when Konami removed the Playable Teaser for Silent Hills from the PSN. That was until it was discovered that if you’d downloaded it prior to its removal, you could just download it again. This left many gamers saddened about the news, but happy that the Playable Teaser would always remain in their library.. At least that was the idea anyway. Now however it’s been discovered that Konami has removed it completely..

The news slowly started to creep out last night when various gamers noticed they could no longer download the Playable Teaser. Ex-Polygon exec Russ Frushtick also noticed that it’d been fully removed tweeting:

This was then confirmed by Polygon and various other publications who deleted and tried to download the game again. It seems the demo has been removed completely from the PlayStation Network in North America. Once deleted, and you’ve gone through the warning which says you can download the game once it’s been deleted, the game does remain in your library but upon redownloading, you’ll be met with an error.

European users aren’t currently having this problem but if Konami is really removing the game for good, chances are other regions PlayStation Network’s will also have the game completely removed.

I bet that £1,000 PlayStation 4 is sounding like a good idea after all.

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