Forget Facebook, popular trivia game QuizUp has just become its own social network

This week QuizUp relaunched itself with a massive update which brings social functionality at its core. No longer will you need to pester your friends in head to head quizzes about your favourite TV show or snack food, now you can have a whole network of friends just like you.

With more than 33 million users worldwide and approximately 7 million games being played on a daily basis, QuizUp learned that its users spend around half an hour each day, on average, playing the game. The game, which first began as part of a deal with Lionsgate to offer Twilight trivia to fans, the app now boasts more than 12,000 different topics with die-hard fans wanting to know if they truly know everything about their favourite TV show, or are truly a boffin when it comes to subjects like Geography or Science.

With the new update, QuizUp has taken into account those figures and have realised that the quizzes people take part in attribute to their interests, so why not expand the world of QuizUp into a social network so those who love Futurama or Buffy the Vampire Slayer can connect on a more social basis rather than a brief chatroom that was shoehorned into the app.

For those who received the update yesterday, you’ll probably notice the UI has changed a little, but it mostly looks like the same old app. There is however more options available to you in terms of who you play with. There’s now a deeper people search, there’s user profiles, comment threads, forums, and a more integrated chat system. Each category has also received a custom icon and clicking into those interests doesn’t just launch a quiz any more, it’ll show you a forum around it with comment threadding, likes, and the ability to share photos.

QuizUp takes the shared interests in topics and has turned it into a way to discover new friends. Players can now view any users profile (unless they’ve marked themselves undiscoverable) and check out their interests, what quizzes they love, what topics they’re most actively into, as well as options to interact with that person either by challenging them to a quiz, or sending them a direct message. Profiles now consist of the players picture, a wheel that represents that persons interest, and comments that user has made in various topics.

The new people search also allows you to find friends based on location, age, and gender to find people who relate closest to you, to then play, follow, or chat with.

It’s definitely a bold move, especially allowing people to contact anyone at any point, unless they’ve changed their privacy settings. Chances are, if you’re like me, you’ll probably avoid any social interaction and continue your quizzing prowess. For those who love meeting new people and talking about similar interests, this update is probably the best thing since sliced bread.

Either way, I’d love to know what you think! Leave a comment!


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