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New physics-based hill climber, Road Racer Hills has been in development for some time, now the developers want you to help complete the game

Road Racer Hills has been in development for some time, and while the developers have almost completed, their self-funded efforts now need your help to make the game a polished reality. Road Racer Hills is a 3D hill-climbing title similar to games like Trials and more, but instead of trying to clamber your way over obstacles, the main objective is to get as far as you possibly can without running out of fuel and crashing.

The game is more than just a slow descent too, players will be faced with challenging almost vertical hills to climb while at the same time keeping an eye out for petrol pumps to increase the distance their vehicles can go. Right now the game is in alpha and can be downloaded and tried absolutely free. You’ll be able to check out the game for what it is right now, and if you love the idea, you can then head to IndieGoGo to help the game be funded.

Right now the game’s alpha offers just the basic gameplay, but if successful the game will include much more including more vehicles, pets to ride along side your driver that act as perks, and more levels for you to try and endlessly conquer.

The developers, BlueRiverArts are looking for $35,000 to complete the game which will eventually come with:

  • A campaign and an endless mode
  • True endless gameplay
  • Cloud saving
  • High score leaderboards
  • 10+ vehicles
  • A day and night cycle
  • Weather

The game hopes to eventually launch on iOS, Android, Windows PC, Mac, and Linux. To find our more and to pledge to the IndieGoGo campaign head to the Road Racer Hills IndieGoGo page.

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