Rock Band 4

IGN has kicked off their Rock Band 4coverage by releasing the game’s first screenshots as well as some information on personalisation

Although Rock Band 4 won’t be such a drastic departure from the format we’re all used to, like Guitar Hero Live, Harmonix will be introducing a few new features to further improve the already well established format that’ll hopefully keep long-time fans of the series happy, whilst welcoming newcomers to the game.

IGN released some information yesterday regarding the games personalisation, something Harmonix has a keen focus on this time around. Though it won’t be quite as extreme as having you as the person on stage, Rock Band 4 will include a few new interesting features one of which is that the band will now be counted in by the drummer. That’s right, all songs will now begin with a count-in from your buddy on drums.

“It’s a little thing, but it adds a sense of band camaraderie and leadership when the person behind the kit taps the green tom (or cymbal, if you’re using one of the old or upcoming re-issue of the Rock Band Cymbal Kit) 3-5 times in order to trigger the beginning of your performance,” the article revealed.

In addition to this, drummers will also be presented with drum fills at random intervals, so each time you play a song, a new drum fill will be thrown in, offering a completely different experience. These do however replace the Overdrive freestyle sections in previous games, something which many players found to be off putting, especially when some players got a little too over excited.

rockband4  5

“If you have enough Overdrive power to complete playing the fills, the system will just serve up a random sequence of fills from a pool,” explained LoPiccolo, noting that, since not every fill is appropriate for every genre, they’ll have pools of metal fills, pop fills, country fills, etc. “Every fill that you play is completely in time and sounds great. They are all authored, but you have the real experience drummers have of having to be random every time through the song.”

Singers will also be getting a swath of new content in Rock Band 4 too, this time in the form of vocal harmonies. If you and your friends fancy having more of a sing-along, you can do that and each player will have their own harmony to sing-along with. Soloists will also have more freedom to belt out with improvisation during songs, provided they stay in tune. A separate improv meter will also be taking score and will then be added to your final score.

As for the campaign, IGN revealed that Rock Band 4 is essentially a Rock Band RPG. More details on that will be revealed later however. Until then, check out the few screenshots for the game above and below.

Rock Band 4 is coming this year on PS4 and Xbox One.

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