Rogue Legacy

Xbox One players will soon be able to hack and slash their way through ever changing dungeons in Rogue Legacy

Rogue Legacy, the impossibly addictive roguelike, is coming to Xbox One on May 27, developer Cellar Door Games has announced. The game, which is available on almost every platform, lets players play through a seemingly endless array of procedurally generated levels, each as impossible as the first.

The game also allows the player to choose from three randomly generated characters each with their own strengths and weaknesses, the latter of which is usually some form of genetic defect, such as being far-sighted, and vertigo completely flips the game upside down.

Players go through the game trying to stay alive as long as possible while earning money which can be used to upgrade skills and equipment of the characters next of kin, any left over money is then forfeited before attempting to enter the castle again.

You can check our our thoughts of the PlayStation edition of the game, here.


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