leeroy vanilla julien renoult streets of rage print with sega

SEGA is teaming up with art dealer Cook & Becker to commission a series of limited prints based on classic SEGA titles

If you grew up around the time the SEGA Megadrive (or Mastersystem) was a thing, chances are you played games like Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, and more. You’ve probably heard of Jet Set Radio and Phantasy Star too. If you do, then these new prints are a must-have for any wall in your home.

Cook & Becker are providing five prints, all featuring new and original artwork based on the aforementioned beloved games, which are available to purchase right now. Each print is hand numbered and totally limited edition. They’ll set you back around £75 unframed, and measure a pretty generous 24 x 36 inches. Each print is limited to 200 copies, says the printmaker.

The prints, which you can see below, feature original pieces from Roman van der Haven, Gerald Parel, Julien Renoult, Emmanuel Malin, and Kilian Eng. More are also set to become available at a later date say Cook & Becker, with more prints based on SEGA titles is set to land this summer.

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