SMITE, the first MOBA for Xbox One has passed it’s first important milestone for the game, launching into Closed Beta

Currently in a very limited alpha, SMITE has been showing players that MOBAs can do well on consoles. Hi-Rez has this week announced however that the console version has hit its first major milestone, launching into Closed Beta. Along with that the developer has revealed that a number of new updates and features to gameplay have also been added to the new version of the game, including the ability to buy character skins with the game’s Gems currency system.

For those who don’t know, Smite is a third person MOBA where players take the roles of various mythological Gods such as Anubis, Hercules, Osiris, and more. They then take part in arena-based events either destroying towers to eventually infiltrate and destroy their opponents Titan, or an all out deathmatch where you take down the other players until their ticket quota has been exhausted.

The launch into Closed Beta will add a number of new features to the game as well as some Xbox One exclusives that deliver a complete experience competitively designed for console play. The in-game marketplace is open too to allow players to use Gems to purchase character skins, and from now until launch, players can purchase the Founder’s Pack which retails for £20.99 and will give them access to the Beta as well as every god currently in the game and all to come in the future.

All progress made in the Xbox One beta will now carry over to the main Xbox One launch later this year, and for those who have already played Smite on PC will be able to perform a one-time account merger to copy “select progress and items” from the PC version to the Xbox One.

Linking your profile does also unlock a free Zeus skin on both platforms.

SMITE will eventually be a free-to-play game on Xbox One when it launches later this year.

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