UK network Vodafone has revealed that Britons love a bit of Snapchatting

Could I have sounded like less of an old man in that tagline? Probably.. but I just don’t get Snapchat. There, I said it. I’m no longer what could be considered hip. And according to research done by Vodafone, one of the UK’s biggest networks, I’m in a small 25 per cent of users who uses their data than sending selfies to random friends.. or something.

According to Vodafone (via Digital Trends), Snapchat accounts for a whopping 75 per cent of all mobile instant messaging data in the United Kingdom. Vodafone’s CEO, Vittorio Colao said that: “if you take all the messaging apps, so Facebook, WhatsApp, whatever, Google, whatever, 75 percent of the traffic today is Snapchat.” Clearly, Colao is about as hip as me..

It seems it’s not just about users sending random pictures to eachother though, the data coincides with Snapchat’s launch of the Discover tab, an area with a collection of media partners who deliver curated video content on a regular basis. In March, a little over a month after its debut, the average weekly data consumption of Snapchat users in the UK went from 100 MB/s to a pretty whopping 400 MB/s. In the UK alone, 14 per cent of all mobile Internet users are on Snapchat, a much smaller number than the 75 per cent of data noted above, which makes me feel less out of the loop.

Take of that what you will Britons. But before you realise now is a good time for you to get into Snapchat, it’s worth noting that Prime Minister David Cameron announced planns to introduce a “snoopers’ charter” allowing the government better surveillance of Internet communications if he’s re-elected this past election. In that he noted that he would be banning apps that encrypt user data such as Snapchat and WhatsApp. If you’ve forgotten the past few weeks, earlier this month the UK re-elected Cameron as Prime Minister. Whoops.

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jean whitmore
jean whitmore

It’s funny (in a sad way) that Cameron mentions apps that aren’t particularly secure. If he knew what he was talking about, he’d cite secure messengers like Threema or Wickr. (Messages sent through WhatsApp aren’t even end-to-end encrypted if one of the chat partners happens to use an iOS device.)