Sony has confirmed that once P.T. has been removed from your PS4, you’ll no longer be able to download it

If you’ve not been following the drama of the whole P.T. Silent Hills demo fiasco, let me quickly sum it up. Konami decided to remove the Silent Hills demo from the PlayStation Network, Konami then announced Silent Hills was cancelled. Once P.T. (the name of the demo) was removed, users panicked but quicky discovered that you could just download it again once it had been deleted. Konami then decided to fully remove the game from the PSN servers without warning causing gamers to panic again.

From here people weren’t sure whether the error presented to them when trying to re-download the demo was just temporary, or whether the entire demo had in fact been fully removed. Unfortunately Sony has now confirmed that once deleted, you’ll never be able to download P.T. again.

The confirmation from Sony came in the form of a notification on peoples PlayStations which read:

P.T. has been removed from the PS Store. You may continue to access the game if it has already been downloaded. However the game cannot be re-downloaded if you choose to delete it from your system

It’s worth noting that this message is still only appearing on those with North American accounts, those with European accounts can still currently download P.T. though many are expecting that to change when the PlayStation Store updates next week.

As soon as P.T. was pulled from the PS Store, many decided to box up their consoles, with the game pre-installed and shoot over to eBay to sell them for extremely high prices but eBay isn’t having any of it with reports that the auction site is removing listings of consoles with P.T. installed stating it goes against their terms of service. Some listings do still appear on the auction site, mostly because they’re selling other games along side the console.

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