Sony Reveals Date for PlayStation Now Subscriptions on PlayStation 3

Sony has announced when those who currently own a PlayStation 3 will be able to dive into their PlayStation Now cloud gaming service

PlayStation Now’s subscriptions have been in tests on the PlayStation 4 for some time now, and though it’s one of the main platforms for the service, those currently clinging onto their PlayStation 3 and PS Vita’s are wondering exactly when their turn is coming. Fortunately Sony has revealed all, and PlayStation 3 subscription support should be coming by the end of the month.

Sony’s PS Now subscription service will actually be coming to the PlayStation 3 as soon as May 12 in the US, and that’s not all as it’ll be also making its way to select Bravia TV’s and Sony Blu-ray players on the same date.

While PlayStation Now has been available in the US on PlayStation 3 and PS Vita, users have only had the option to rent games from Sony. The subscription service offers a month’s all access to the entire library of games for $20, or you can purchase a three month pass for $45. Support for subscriptions will also be coming to the PS Vita, though Sony has only said that it’ll be coming “soon.”

PlayStation Now recently launched in closed beta on PlayStation 4 in Europe, there’s currently no word on other platforms, as well as a roll-out in other territories.

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