Splatoon is a hell of a lot more than a colourful shooter Nintendo’s Splatoon Direct presentation revealed today, showing of some of its unique features

For those who just see Splatoon as a colourful paint shooter on Nintendo’s consoles, think again. While you’re not too far from the truth, it’s a little more complex than that, Nintendo has revealed today. The publisher held a Direct presentation announcing some of the features coming to their highly anticipated shooter including the game’s character classes and upgradable gear.

In Splatoon players will have three classes to choose from, two of which are quite familiar, while the other class is typically Nintendo. If you’re familiar with shooters you’ll know that there are two distinct classes, a runner-gunner and a sniper. These two classes have been introduced into Splatoon with the Shooter class and the Charger class, however they’re a little bit different than you’d expect. The final class on the otherhand is a little more interesting..

The Roller Class could be considered a heavy, though the character themselves are no different to that found with the Shooter or Charger class. The Roller does however have a pretty mean weapon: a giant paint roller. This roller allows the player to run around the arena rolling paint everywhere they go which they can then use to mow over their opponents. This class isn’t just about close-range combat however, as players can also flick the roller to send a huge glob of ink ahead of themselves to do damage to their enemies.

As you can imagine, the Shooter and Charger class are pretty straight forward compared with the Shooter offering a range of weapons with fast rates of fire and both long and short ranges, and the Charger has an array of weapons that can fire at long range, though to counteract their power players will have to wait for each round to “charge” before taking shot.


Each character has a total of three weapons in their arsenal, a main weapon, a subweapon, and a special weapon. The main weapons are as mentioned above and are used to spread ink across the map as well as take down opponents, subweapons are like your assist weapons in games like Call of Duty, which offer some sort of tactical support when in battle. These weapons vary from Splat Bombs which are essentially grenades which contain ink that explode, to a Seeker which follows an enemy letting out a trail of ink to then explode on impact. These weapons however do use a hell of a lot of ink.

Special Weapons on the other hand are super powerful weapons which limited usage. They require to be charged up during play and then can be detonated with devastating effect. These weapons consist of things like the Inkzooka, a bazooka which fires a ton of ink, and the Ink Strike, a weapon which fires our a huge missile using the Gamepad that then unleashes a giant tornado of ink across the map.

Now, we already know about the game’s ability to allow players to customise gear, but there’s more to this gear than just looking pretty. Nintendo have managed to introduce a pretty interesting perk system into the various items players can equip. These perks can vary, offering less ink consumption, the ability to run faster, or the ability to sniff out bombs nearby. What’s more, the gear can be levelled up the longer you use them too, and each item has up to four gear abilities, but not all have that many from the beginning. The rarer the gear, the more abilities will be available as soon as you receive it, but the longer to play, the quicker you can upgrade.


There is however a quicker way of upgrading your gear ability slots too, by heading to a mysterious character located in an alley. Spyke, as he’s called, offers the chance to add an additional ability slot onto your gear, but it’ll come at a price, one Super Sea Snail. Unfortunately Nintendo didn’t divulge exactly how you’ll be able to acquire these Super Sea Snails, but it’s likely either going to be offered as in-game purchases, or via completing special missions and events within the game.

Splatoon looks to be a pretty incredible game that I can see myself playing for a long time to come. The game is set to launch on May 29.

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