Spotify is kicking it to the next level by offering video clips and podcasts as part of its service

Spotify has today knocked it up a notch at their event in San Francisco today by offering something much more than music. Now, Spotify hopes to accompany you throughout your entire day whether it’s with some music for you to wake up to, a podcast to entertain you during our commute to work, or videos to keep you occupied on the way home. Spotify will now have it all.

The first big addition to Spotify confirms and earlier rumour that the music service would be diving into the world of video. Originally thought to be some sort of music video subscription, Spotify’s dive into the world of video goes past that with partners like Comedy Central, Vice News, and The Nerdist so it’ll be much more than what was first thought.

The second addition to Spotify is the new Now start page which offers you content suited to your activities, day and night. Now learns what you like and will be sure to offer you the right music at the right point, no matter what your doing. Recommendations will adapt over time to fit your taste and mood.

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For those who love to run with Spotify, the company is also introducing a new playlist for fitness buffs to help you “go that extra mile”. How? Well the playlists makes a note of your tempo and matches tracks to the beat of your feet. Spotify Running will offer recommendations based on your listening history, multiple-genre playlists, and original compilations to keep you jogging on.

They’ve also announced a partnership with Nike to bring new music to audiences too and will being Spotify Running to the Nike+ app, as well as the RunKeeper app later this year.

The new Now experience will begin rolling out today to iPhone users in the US, UK, Germany and Sweden – with more markets and platforms to follow in the near future. Spotify Running will start rolling out to iPhone users globally.

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