Rumours have been circulating to suggest Spotify is ditching the free tier in favour of a free month trial, but Spotify say that it’s all lies

Earlier this week rumours surfaced suggesting Spotify was planning to ditch their free tier, which is currently available to all users permanently, in favour of a free three month trial where users will need to subscribe to Spotify Premium to continue using the service.

While in theory this seems like a good idea to get more people to subscribe to the service, Spotify has confirmed to Pocket-lint that the rumours are untrue and that the current model works just fine:

“It’s totally fake. The model is working.”

This news comes at a time where the music industry is pushing for change with streaming services. It seems due to the way royalties are paid to each artist and labels, they’d rather have users pay for services such as this outright rather than having a free option.

Digital Music Times, the source behind the current rumour, cited sources claiming the above. It also claims that some artists might choose to extend the three month period, allowing for emerging artists to make the most of a much wider audience.

It seems unlikely that Spotify would make such a drastic change but with Apple’s music streaming service expected to be unveiled pretty soon, some changes could be afoot if people prefer Apple’s offering over Spotify and other competitors.

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