At Microsoft’s Build Conference, Square-Enix rocked up with a new Art & Tech demo on Direct X 12 that looks absolutely stunning..

Direct X 12 is the next generation Direct X system we’re expecting to come with Windows 10, and during Microsoft’s Build conference yesterday, Square-Enix decided to show off a brand new tech demo for their upcoming Luminous Studio engine which looks absolutely incredible. The demo, entitled “Witch Chapter 0 [cry],” was pretty short, but in that short amount of time, we managed to get a glimpse of the stunning graphical capabilities of this engine.

Running Direct X 12, Windows 10, and four Nvidia GeForce Titan X GPUs graphics cards, Square-Enix showed off a more updated version of their previous tech demo with Microsoft’s Steve Guggenheimer first showing off the whole footage, then diving back in to reveal that it’s not just a rendered film, everything shown is live gameplay. To prove it he decided to free the camera and move around the scenes, showing the detail of each one and changing the lighting to demonstrate just how impressive this tech demo is.

Guggenheimer also noted that the demo was rendering 63 million polygons per scene, around 6-12 times more than what was possible with Direct X 11. He also noted that the textures were 8K by 8K too. And finally, hair has started to look a lot more realistic.

“Our team has always pursued cutting-edge pre-rendered and real-time CG,” said Final Fantasy director Hajime Tabata in his introductory video. “This time around, with the help of both Microsoft (Windows 10 and DirectX 12) and Nvidia (GeForce GTX), we have prepared a tech demo using state of the art software and hardware.” He then noted that this is a “sneak peek” at what the company is currently developing.”

Check out the video above, courtesy of YouTuber Michael Wieczorek. And for the full keynote, head here.

Here’s a handful of screens from the demo too:

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