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It looks like Square Enix is being the better person(?) and is pushing back their E3 conference

Square Enix initially announced the time and date for their E3 media briefing a few weeks back, Nintendo happened to announce their media briefing a few days ago and while the two might seem unreleated, they both had one thing in common. They both booked the same time for their events. So while we scramble to get additional screens so we can watch at the same time, Square did us all a favour.

Earlier this week both Nintendo and Square Enix were holding their E3 events on June 16 at 9AM PDT. This was bad news for fans of both publishers who wanted to make sure they were keeping up to speed with all of the announcements. Thankfully Square Enix was the better person and let Nintendo have their usual 9AM slot, and have pushed back their briefing to 10am instead.

So now, on June 16 you’ll be able to get your fill of Japanese goodness one after the other. Isn’t that nice.

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