Star Wars: Battlefront is already looking to be a complete step-away from Battlefield as the developers reveal classes and squads will be thrown out

In an interview with Official Xbox Magazine, as reported by Games Radar, Star Wars: Battlefront will be stepping out from the norm and will be doing away with the standard class and squad features found in most conventional shooters. It seems players will be able to freely choose their loadouts using XP unlocked weaponry allowing players the freedom to create their own loadouts which aren’t a part of a predefined class.

Design director Niklas Fegraeus said that players can equip items as they please, provided they’ve been unlocked. For those new to the game or groups of friends however, can share unlocked equipment with “partners,” this gives players the ability to unlock different items with the promise they partners will pool together what they’ve unlocked, as well as a more advanced character allowing a new player to use a more advanced weapon.

Instead of Squads, which usually included teams of five, the new Partnership option will replace that allowing two players to team up together allowing them to spawn on and track via the HUD. With this, and the recently revealed news that the game won’t include aim-down sights, Star Wars: Battlefront is looking to be a pretty impressive shooter.

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