Image & Form want 3DS owners to know they still care, with a bunch of SteamWorld Heist screenshots

Before SteamWorld Heist there was SteamWorld Dig and even though SteamWorld Dig is now on a number of different platforms, it originally launched on the Nintendo 3DS and quickly gained popularity. Since then the game has launched on many different platforms with its successor, SteamWorld Heist, also set to launch on those platforms immediately, but Image & Form want players to know they haven’t forgotten about the platform which started it all.

Don’t worry 3DS fans. Image & Form has your back and has today assured players that SteamWorld Heist has been in development for the 3DS from the very start. Now they’ve decided to show you all some of it too with a handful of screenshots from both the upper and lower screen. Though they have noted some things are subject to change.

The tactical turn-based strategy combat game is unlike SteamWorld Dig and will see players travelling through space boarding vessels and acquiring resources to stay alive. According to Image & Form the game “already plays fantastic” though they added that they’re still far from completion.

Anyway, don’t let me ramble, here are those lovely screenshots:


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