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Ryan Gosling has paid tribute to Vine creator Ryan McHenry by finally chomping down on some Corn Flakes.

McHenry, who you might know from his long-running series of Vines showing Ryan Gosling refusing to eat his cereal, has sadly lost his battle with Cancer. The film maker had been suffering with Bone Cancer for two years and despite an operation on his leg funded by his Vine followers, McHenry passed away this weekend.

During his time making the six-second videos of Ryan Gosling looking like he’s refusing to eat cereal, he told The Verge back in 2013 that the reason for his project “as a filmmaker, I like to have a conclusion to things. The only conclusion I can see out of this whole thing is to have Ryan Gosling respond to this. Even if it’s just him eating cereal.” Sadly, he’s not around to see Gosling eat the cereal, but it happened anyway in a heart warming tribute.

Since the Vine was posted by Gosling, a JustGiving page has been set up in McHenry’s memory which has already raised £2,600 for cancer research.

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