After months of teasing David Ayer has revealed Task Force X, better known as the Suicide Squad, for the first time in costume.

The Suicide Squad have assembled and are ready to go! David Ayer, director of the DC villain flick, posted a photo on his Twitter showing off the cast in full costume ready for their roles in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie.

The line up is looking pretty spectacular! Harley, played by Margot Robbie, steals the show a little bit in this picture with her bright clothes, hair and wickedly wide smile compared to the brooding, darker characters surrounding her. But that’s why we love Harley!

Will Smith as Deadshot is looking fantastic, though an interesting choice to leave out his eyepiece, but maybe that’ll come later? Like a more removable piece of kit like you get in the comics, rather than the Arrow-esque replacement eye.

The response on Twitter so far has been incredibly supportive! Though mostly just people going ‘OMG’ and ‘SO GOOD’ above much else. I don’t think I’ve seen such a swift, positive response! Especially considering the mixed reviews regarding Jared Leto’s 75th Joker Anniversary photo, mistakenly thought to be how he’d look in the movie.

Who do you think looks the best in the line up?

[Update] So in answer to my question about Deadshot’s mask/eye piece. Will Smith put out a picture on his facebook to show it off! As you’d expect after how fantastic the cast looked all together, it’s no surprise that the full Deadshot costume looks amazing too.


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