More news from the Suicide Squad set! This time we some major spoilers! How you say, well let me tell you how.

Editors note: Though I’m unfamiliar with the movie, I’m pretty sure what’s being discussed below is a major spoiler for the movie. So if you want to keep things under wraps for now, click away.

From the set on Toronto (in Canada, also the birth place of Wolverine) we see The Joker being chased in his fancy sports car by… the Batmobile. Will the Batman catch him? Will this fit into the rumours of a Batman cameo and that the Joker has been put in prison, which explains his tattoos? You never know.

The Suicide Squad follows a group of criminals going on missions for the US government to reduce their prison sentences. Typically featuring characters like Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, and more recently Jokers squeeze, Harley Quinn.

So imagine the Avengers in reverse, with a group of characters coming from different areas of a comic book universe, teaming up for a bigger goal. The team appeared in the popular Justice League cartoon, but under the name Task Force X, the official name for the operation, The Suicide Squad is just a nickname given to it by it’s participants.

The team also appeared in the Batman: Assault on Arkham series, which is based in the animated movie, that is based on the Arkham video game series. This saw the team on one of it’s suicidal missions.

Why the nickname? Because the missions are tough and dangerous it’s unlikely any character without plot armour will survive that’s why. So any character you don’t recognise or seems like they’re getting little screen time, may not survive. Just to demonstrate how tough and deadly these missions can be for anyone who takes part.

So we’ve been through all the videos surfacing on the net of the chase being filmed, to find you one that clearly shows what’s going on. Thanks to “starrrs” for some sharp videoing showing the raw unedited filming. Check it out below:

You NEED to watch this. #SuicideSquad #mrj #capedcrusader

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