Following rumours, MMO WildStar is becoming free-to-play later this year

NCSOFT and Carbine Studios has today confirmed the news that we’ve all suspected for about two months now: WildStar is becoming free-to-play. The critically acclaimed MMO which launched in 2014 has been rumoured to be transitioning to free-to-play after the game was removed from store shelves and the game appeared in the Steam DB.

According to a release sent out today, Carbine are committed to keeping the game a AAA experience with regular updates coming to the game as well as the game keeping its high-quality appearance. This Autumn when the transition is set to take place, WildStar will adopt a similar free-to-play model as The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited in which the game will be fully playable for free, but players can opt for a monthly membership that’ll provide “convenience bonuses and enhancements to XP, crafting, currency, item drops, and reputation.”

Members will also gain additional characters, costumes, band, supply, and decor items.

As a free player, you’ll be able to reach level to 50, acquire all Amps and abilities, and participate in all dungeons, raids, adventures, shiphands, and PvP. Carbine has ensured the entirety of the game can be played for free. There will be some monetisation options however with NCoin, enabling players to purchase convenience or cosmetic items. Though Carbine has noted that all items which can be purchased with NCoin can also be acquired by playing the game. “One thing that will not be available for purchase is power – progression will continue to require both skill and effort.”

In addition to the game becoming free-to-play, this Autumn a number of changes will be coming to WildStar too:

  • Streamlining player and item stats to be much more intuitive while adding high-level options to give players more flexibility.
  • Making the Amp system easier to use by unlocking all Amp slots.
  • Reviewing dungeons and open world content so that the experience is challenging, but not brutal.
  • Changing the tutorial and early game experience to provide a better and quicker introduction.

Keep an eye out for future updates which will detail exactly how this transition will effect current and future players, as well as added details about the improvements coming to the game. Those who maintain their subscriptions from June 15, through to the free-to-play transition will receive exclusive items and rewards and those with a maintained subscription since launch will receive even more goodies. There’s also going to be some rewards for players who experienced the game but don’t have an active subscription, you can read about all of that and more here.

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