Tesla’s recently unveiled home battery, the Powerwall, has already seen some impressive pre-order numbers

Last week Tesla’s Elon Musk held a very brief keynote to announce plans for two types of battery, the Powerwall and the Powerpack, two pretty hefty batteries that hope to power entire homes and entire businesses respectively. Both of the batteries reserve power obtained from renewable resourses such as solar power, and can even feed energy back into the grid. At a little over $3,000 for the smaller model it was unknown whether the home battery would take off, but in Tesla’s latest earnings report it’s done just that, and then some.

CEO Elon Musk has today announced that the company has, at present, taken 38,000 pre-orders for its Powerwall home battery, describing the reception to Tesla Energy’s introduction as “crazy off the hook.” He also added that the response for the Powepack had been “overwhelming,” adding that even the much larger, business focused PowePack, had also received some pretty hefty reservations of around 2,500, which Musk said is really around 25,000 as each reservation averaged at around 10 PowerPacks each.

“The volume of demand here has just been staggering,” he said. “it really feels like, man, the stationary storage demand is just nutty. Like, worldwide, it’s just crazy.”

Considering Tesla unveiled the new products just last week, these are pretty strong numbers. Unfortunately due to the demand it seems those wanting to power their homes with batteries will have to wait a little longer to get a PowerWall. “There’s no way we can possibly satisfy this demand this year,” Musk admitted. “We’re basically sold out through the first half of next year.”

Yep, Tesla has already sold out of PowerWalls and PowerPacks until well into next year.

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