Tesla Powerwall

Finally we can become a recluse with Tesla’s new Powerwall, a battery that can power entire homes and businesses

Have you ever wanted to be completely off the grid, living by your own means, and just being a general recluse? Well Tesla Energy’s most recent announcement will help you do just that, if you have a couple of thousand dollars to spend. Tesla Energy has just announced the Powerwall an ambitious battery system that can power homes, businesses, and even utilities. This is a great step for renewable energy.

The system is available in two forms, a large 10kWh version which’ll cost $3,500 and a smaller 7kWh version that’ll cost $3,000. The units themselves measure by around three feet by four feet in size, and are just six inches thick, they also have on-board heat management which means they can be installed on the inside or outside of walls in your home. To make the system more efficient, each system is connected to the Internet, which Elon Musk says can be used to create “smart microgrids”.

They can also be used in a number of ways including redundancy systems, work side by side with your standard power supply, or potentially have a hope go off the power grid completely, which is a welcomed idea by cord cutters and those who want to live in forests.



In addition to the Powerwall is its bigger brother, the Powerpack, as it’s beeing called. The Powerpack is an “infinitely scalable system” that’s ideal for businesses, industrial applications, and even utility companies. The Powerpack comes in 100kWh battery blocks, which can actually scale from 500kWh all the way to 10MWh and above. Musk and his team hope to change the way the world uses energy at extreme scales and hopes that their battery technology will be something big companies will consider.

And they are already, as Tesla has secured deals with two of America’s biggest companies, Amazon and Target. Set to be initially rolled out as a pilot program, Amazon and Target will use Tesla’s 100kWh battery blocks to power some of its properties. Smaller companies such as Jackson Family Wines are also using Tesla’s blocks, so there’s a definite demand out there for such a system.

Tesla Energy and Musk have ambitious plans to help combat climate change. During the keynote yesterday Must revealed that all they’d need is 160 million Powerpacks in order to power the United States, with 2 billion Powerpacks, they’d be able to power the world. To prove how well it all worked, Musk revealed that the entire presentation yesterday and the party that followed was all powered by stored solar energy.


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