If you’re yet to play The Last of Us but want to know the game’s entire story.. This fan’s cinematic supercut might help..

I don’t have a PlayStation console, so I’ve never had the chance to play The Last of Us. Do I regret not getting a PlayStation 3 and playing the game at launch? I certainly do, but unfortunately that’s not going to change any time soon and if you’re in the same boat as me, this new video that YouTube user Grant Voegtle has created lets us experience the game’s story without having to play the game.

It’s worth mentioning that if you do want to eventually play the game, the various videos for this cinematic playthrough will spoil the story and the game itself..

Voegtle has been working on the video series for around a month, creating a more episodic, cinematic playthrough of the game, splicing both gameplay footage and the game’s cinematics to offer something a lot more watchable than just a simple cut of in-game videos. It’s really well done and could almost be it’s own television show. So far he’s released six episodes, the extended trailer and I guess you could call it, director’s commentary, can be seen above.

“I was hearing that people wanted to share the story of The Last of Us with their family, but they just didn’t have the time to have them sit down and play the entire game,” Voegtle told The Verge in an interview. “Hearing that and knowing that I could do that for people—that’s been the most motivating thing so far to keep me working on it.”

Here’s the first episode, be sure to hed over to Voegtle’s YouTube channel to catch up with the rest and more.

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