The Muppet Show is coming back to ABC this fall and they’ve released the first trailer which looks absolutely fantastic!

The Muppet Show was rumoured to be making a return earlier this year, then just last week ABC revealed that the rumours were true and that they’ve ordered The Muppet Show to return! The show is set to take on a more adult-oriented mockumentary feel similar to The Office, and follows The Muppets as they work behind the scenes to get The Muppet Show back on track.

The first trailer was released yesterday and takes a look at what to expect from the show and y’know what, I’m actually really excited but not that excited where your inner child is wetting themselves with excitement, this is genuine excitement as a grown adult. What’s happening to me?

The Muppet Show is set to premier this autumn on ABC in the US. There’s currently no word whether the show will be making it to the UK, yet. Here’s hoping someone things it’s a good idea to put it on Netflix..

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