A brand new poo-powered bus is on the scene and it’s making waves, setting the fastest speed for a bus powered by poop

If you’ve been an avid reader of n3rdabl3 for some time, you’ll know that we like to follow the goings-on with the UK’s poo buses. We’ve covered them a number of times, and here we are again with another crappy post about Britain’s fleet of poo buses. Pun intended.

Now, you might recall that the last time we covered a poo-powered bus was in regards to Geneco’s poo bus a bus which is actually powered by human waste. Lovely. This time however we’re moving away from the human poop and instead we’re reporting on a bus that runs on cow poo and the news that it’s set the land-speed record for a regular service bus. But before you expect a bus to break the speed of sound, it’s record top speed was 76.785mph.

The “Bus Hound,” as it’s called, is the latest bus to be powered by waste to grace the streets of the UK. Operated by Reading Buses, the bus is usually limited to 56mph, but for this special occasion a few “minor tweaks” were performed to allow it to cross that speed as it tore its way around the Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedfordshire.

Much like Geneco’s bus, the Bus Hound uses biomethane which is produced by anaerobic digestion of cow manure by bacteria in a bioreactor. Simply put, the poop is essentially processed into liquid biomethane which is then stored in the roof of the bus, which is then used in a similar way to modern combustion engines, bar a few minor tweaks. This of course is a greener alternative to using petrol as well as a way to get rid of methane that would otherwise ended up as an atmospheric greenhouse gas.

Of course this now sets a perfect score for Geneco’s bus to beat in a poo vs poo showdown.. something I’d certainly pay to watch.

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