Buckle up Batman fans, it’s time to go to war in the latest Batman: Arkham Knight trailer.

This new gameplay trailer gives us some awesome combat with a whole slew of abilities and gadgets being shown off and bit of dialogue between the Bat himself and the infamous Poison Ivy, before he takes her to the police station.

But of course he doesn’t take the bus, we also get to see a nice amount of Batmobile gameplay as well, complete with the tank mode, to take out some enemy tanks. We also got to see how the Batmobile hectically handles around the tight streets of Gotham in the normal driving mode too.

We can definitely expect to see a lot more gameplay and other aspects leading up to its release in a few weeks and probably a bit at E3 too. Which part of Batman: Arkham Knight are you most excited about?

Batman: Arkham Knight releases 23rd of June.

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