With this month’s Xbox update coming to Preview the focus is firmly set on Windows 10

For those hoping for a chock load of Xbox One updates in this month’s preview you’ll sadly be a little disappointed as this month all eyes are on Windows 10. Expect the addition of Avatars, Game Hubs, Game DVR, and other general improvements coming to the Xbox app on Windows 10, and little coming to the Xbox One… so far anyway.

So, Avatars are making a return to the Xbox App on Windows 10, allowing players to once again customise and play with their virtual selves. Friend updates are getting improved too letting players add friends, designate favourites, as well as letting you know what your friends are up to, just like on the Xbox One.

Speaking of the Xbox One, Game Hubs are coming to the Xbox app too letting you check out Xbox One games and the activity associated with said game. You’ll also be able to see friends who have played the game, achievement progress, and much more, just like the Xbox One.

Game DVR is also getting an improvement allowing players customise the shortcuts used for opening the Game Bar, starting and stopping recording, taking screenshots, and much more.  Players can also view and manage cloud-based game clips from the Xbox App too.

Probably the biggest update coming to the Xbox App is the ability to test out streaming. The team behind Xbox is looking for you to help provide information about your PC’s performance and connections as they prepare to enable game streaming from Xbox One to Windows 10 PCs. Players will simply be able to connect their Xbox One to their Windows 10 PC using the Xbox appl, then Test streaming which will then send diagnostic information to the Xbox team about your PC and network settings.

Finally, players can turn their Xbox One consoles on and off using the Windows 10 app.

As for the Xbox One, a very minor update will be bringing two new features to the console such as supporting the Xbox One Digital TV Tuner in 11 new European countries and finally some improvements to the Wireless Display app and Miracast functionality.

More is set to be unveiled at E3 later this year (next month in fact) so stay tuned for that.

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