Phil Spencer has told JRPG fans to “keep asking” for games on the Xbox One

Let’s face it, if you’re a fan of JRPG’s, the last console you’re going to look at buying is an Xbox One. For a long time now Sony’s consoles have offered more westernised JRPG’s than you can shake a stick at and the Xbox One.. well.. has none as far as I can recall. But if you want to change that, Xbox Boss Phil Spencer tells you to keep on asking, likely to show developers that there’s a demand for the games on Microsoft’s console.

In reply to a Twitter question, Spencer simply told players to keep asking and that while he has nothing specific to share right now, there may be something on the horizon.

Spencer has discussed JRPG’s on the Xbox One before saying that we will see JRPG’s on the consolewhen asked about games like Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey. Bringing JRPGs both to the Xbox One and over from Japan itself is also a hot topic with many wanting games to be localised much sooner than they actually are or have known to be in the past.


Are we to see some JRPG’s at E3 this year? Who knows.. Until then:

[su_youtube url=”” width=”500″ height=”600″]

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Hey Microsoft. Gamers shouldn’t have to ask for games on your console. You should stop lying and giving people bullsh*t responses like, “We have nothing to announce at this time.” That is not transparency. You either have JRPGs in the works or you don’t.

My suggestion is that you stop messing around with your worthless updates and Windows 10 bullsh*t, and start making games. Microsoft has a history or being bias towards western culture with an obsession on shooters. Get more games. Your console is dryer than a mummy’s bladder.