James Corden is doing a bang up job on the Late Late show, and in the latest bit he calls Roll Call, Arnold Schwarzenegger acts out all his movies in six minutes

Though the US was likely dumbfounded by a totally unknown brit taking over the Late Late show, James Corden has done a fantastic job so far. At least that’s what I can tell from the various clips they upload to YouTube. And apart from the show taking over Tommy’s living room, one of the best bits from the Late Late show is the Roll Call skit where Corden and a particularly famous actor tries to reprise every one of their starring roles in as little time as possible.

The latest to take on the challenge is none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger who does an absolutely fantastic job of blasting through almost every one of his movies, belting out some of his most iconic taglines us here at n3 find ourselves repeating during GTA heists..

From Conan the Barbarian, to Predator, to Twins, to Jingle All the Way, Schwarzenegger and Corden are absolutely hilarious. Especially around the 4:53 mark where Arnold says “I can’t get up, I have an erection”

Absolutely hilarious.

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