Captain America

Guess what? I think I may have a rough idea about what may happen during Captain America: Civil War.

I reckon what may happen first is a community or group dividing into two and having some kind of conflict. Like a Civil War or something. I also reckon Crossbones might be in the film too. Since, you know, that character was totally set up during Captain America: Winter Solider as that black ops SHIELD dude that turned out to be a HYDRA agent all along. Also, because that set photo came out yesterday. Or, since a lot of comic book movie reporting can be based on speculating, could it be the Punisher? The Punisher currently wears a mask at the moment too.

I also reckon that most of the Avengers are going to be in the move too, along with some of the supporting players from others films like War Machine and The Falcon. They may totally include Martin Freeman as well.

So when the phrase Civil War is used in Marvel, it refers to the event where the government wants all superheroes to registers with SHIELD and join under one big government Avengers-style group, which is lead by Ironman. Captain America believes this is wrong and that superheroes should be volunteers and free from government control. The superheroes split over the issue and fight about it. Ironman wins, but we all secretly know that’s because Captain America surrenders realising how off course his cause had gone.

So what may happen in the film? Well, I think Captain America may lead the pro-registration side as he’s rebuilt most of SHIELD and is now leading a new team of Avengers. Meanwhile, Ironman will be on the rebels’ side as he still strives to find a way to protect the world more efficiently with motivations that are only moving the plot along for the big finale later in the decade.

To be fair, I could be wrong – when the first Age of Ultron trailer came out, I was in the camp that thought the Hulk was trying to take down a mind-controlled Ironaman.


I was wrong.

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