It looks like the rumour about Wildstar’s shift to free-to-play is actually happening

A few weeks ago Wildstar was quietly taken off of the shelves in Australia, which lead to rumours tha Carbine might be making the shift to free-to-play with their MMO as something similar happened with The Elder Scrolls Online. Now we’ve got more evidence of the game’s looming shift, as a Steam DB listing suggests it’ll becoming “Free on Demand”, whatever that means.

Wildstar will be coming to Steam as a Free on Demand game similar to Warframe. Details are pretty thin, but it’s being listed as a “Single Purchase”, which could mean that players will have too purchase the game which will then remain forever free, like Guild Wars 2. Either that or it could be a part of a multi-pack which means the game won’t necessarily be free, but you’ll get four copies of the game from your single purchase.

To further fuel the rumours someone posting on the Wildstar subreddit who has been confirmed to be a Carbine employee, say that Wildstar is adopting a “hybridized free to play model” with microtransactions to allow players to level up quicker, though they stressed it wouldn’t be pay to win. They also added that it’ll be going free-to-play in August.

With August but a few months away, we’re probably going to hear more about the news pretty soon.

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